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At Ackton Pastures Academy, we recognise that children are living within an increasingly technological world and aim to develop confidence and knowledge in this area. Computing skills are taught specifically during computing session. Skills are practised in sessions and then applied across the curriculum to enhance other subjects. Alongside computing skills we regularly revisit internet safety and the importance of why we need to keep ourselves safe of the internet. As children leave primary school, we aim for children to transfer this knowledge and have the confidence to implement these skills in everyday situations.


Children are taught computing within afternoon learning and every class has a timetabled opportunity to use the computers and ipads. We encourage staff to incorporate technology throughout the wider curriculum and use these skills to research and present writing in a variety of ways. Each class has access to SMART boards and teaching is delivered using this technology. Skills are covered through a two year rolling programme to ensure that children are taught the appropriate skills to support their development.

In Key Stage 1, children are beginning to develop their computing skills through using a range of technology such as Bee Bots, Computers and ipads. To encourage children to recognise the value of using technology we teach skills through termly topic links. Children develop their skills to navigate around a computer and use a range of Microsoft programmes to copy and paste images and insert text boxes. The use of the internet to search images is incorporated alongside internet safety to reinforce the importance.

In Key Stage 2, children build upon previous skills and apply these to a variety of different technology. The use of the green screen and various apps provide opportunities for children to apply their skills in a variety of contexts.


Staff frequently monitor the attainment of children using the National Curriculum statements and use this to inform their teaching. Leaders support staff in delivering the curriculum through PDMs and termly discussions. Leaders gather knowledge of how the curriculum is being taught through work scrutinies, lesson observations and pupil interviews where children can articulate and demonstrate the skills they have been taught. 

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