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Early Years Foundation Stage

Your child's journey through our Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss Bustard is our Early Years Leader

At Ackton Pastures we believe that children deserve opportunities to be successful lifelong learners by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. We place the unique child at the heart of everything we do and provide. What we do, we do for them. This based on mutual respect and building positive relationships with all involved. We strive to provide opportunities for the children to be heard so they feel valued, respected and cared for. This is particularly important for our very youngest chlidren.

We have high expectations of ourselves and children. We promote the school ethos of the 3 R’s, Respect, Resilience, Responsible and we see this as a means to deliver our curriculum to ensure children become aspirational, confident, self-motivated, risk takers, problem solvers, curious and independent.

This means our learning environment must be a safe, calm space with open ended resources to promote opportunities to explore and investigate, make mistakes and practice and consolidate skills that they have learned. At Ackton Pastures our curriculum is driven by the children and their interests and what we have observed they need to learn to understand and experience. Therefore we are flexible in our approach and provision is ever evolving to ensure children are adequately challenged to drive learning forward and develop their characteristics of effective learning.

Our planning is objective led through gap analysis covering all 7 areas of learning. It is sequential providing opportunities to revisit and review learning to ensure children remember more and know more. Activities and lessons are planned to meet the needs and interests of the children, whilst teaching basic skills through purposeful, meaningful contexts. Our love of books also drives our curriculum, suing them as a hook into learning. Capturing the children’s imaginations whilst creating opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge, extend their vocabulary enabling them to communicate more effectively.

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