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School is closed for the summer holidays, we will re-open on Wednesday 4th September. All our staff would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe summer!

Extra Curricular

Breakfast Club
Our Breakfast Club is open every morning from 7.30 am - 8.50 am. 

The children can enjoy cereal, toast and fruit and have opportunity to play games.  We have a selection of books and board games and lots more activities going on.

The cost for your child to join us are as follows:

• From 7.30 am the cost is £2.50 (this includes breakfast)
• From 8.00 am - 8.50 am the cost is £1.50 (this includes breakfast)
• From 8.00 am - 8.50 am for stay and play only (no breakfast) the cost is £1.00.

If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, a place should be booked in advance via the school office. This is to ensure adequate supervision levels for the children who attend.

Children under the age of 8 must be brought to the door by an adult.

KS1 Art Club

Art Club for KS1 takes place on Monday lunchtime with Mrs Whalley and Miss Merchant. This club allows children to complete small scale craft projects to enhance their art skills.

Computing Club

Miss Vollands runs computer club on a Wednesday lunchtime. This club is for anyone who is keen to advance their technical skills in a fun context. In Autumn term, pupils used a programme called Puppetpals to create sketches.

Board Game Club

If you enjoy board games then this is the club for you. Every Wednesday lunchtime, Miss Lynch coaches pupils in the tactics of popular board games. Children hold friendly competitions in the club to test out the tactics they have learned!

Reading Club

If you love a good read, this is the club for you. Each Thursday at lunchtime, Mrs Lovell works with a group children to read and discuss meaty texts. The club look at fiction, non-fiction and poetry and Mrs Lovell welcomes text suggestions from children. The session takes place in the library.

Homework Club

Every Friday after school, children in Y6 can take the opportunity to complete homework tasks in our Homework Club. This is run by Mrs Hill and Mrs Stringwell and pupils can be supported with any work they are less sure of.


We believe that a love of reading promotes reading skills and general knowledge. Research shows that children who read widely and are supported in this venture achieve most highly. In order to enable greater access to books, Mrs Blythe will be opening the library each day before school (8.30 – 8.50) and at lunchtime.

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