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Spelling & Grammar

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar                                                                                   

In the National Curriculum 2014, there is a heavy emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is referred to as SPaG. Children are assessed formally in this aspect of learning at the end of Y6 in the SPaG test.


In EY and Y1, the spelling focus is on high frequency words - these are words that children write regularly in their work and need to learn by rote to spell correctly.

In Years 2-6 we follow the No Nonsense spelling programme. Teachers may deliver this through bespoke discrete sessions or as part of their teaching of English. Much of this work is around spelling patterns for groups of words.

Age appropriate spellings are a focus for marking written work and errors made on words where age appropriate spelling patterns have been taught will be highlighted to children for correction in their writing.

Punctuation and Grammar

There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of punctuation and grammar in English lessons and children are given tasks to support the development of their skills in this area. Formal vocabulary is taught explicitly to children to give them language to discuss grammatical aspects of texts. In Y5 and Y6, children are prepared for tests at the end of Y6 by completing punctuation and grammar exercises regularly so become confident with such tasks.

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