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Parent Partnership

Welcome Meetings

At the start of each school year, we have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting. This is held in the first week or two in September. It provides an opportunity to meet your child’s class teacher and find out about classroom routines and expectations. It also provides am opportunity for parents to ask questions.

Links with Classteachers

Your child’s class teacher is the first point of contact with the school. Day to day issues should be raised with class-based staff in the first instance. Class teachers are available at the beginning and end of the school day at drop off and pick up times to pass on messages. If you require a more confidential conversation or a longer conversation, please speak with your child’s class teacher to arrange a mutually agreeable time to hold this.

As well as informal conversations, there are points in the school year where information is formally shared with parents:

Consultations with Parents

These are individual appointment times for you to meet with your child’s class teacher on a one to one basis to discuss your child’s work and learning. The teacher will talk about your child’s strengths and areas for further improvement (targets). They will also refer to your child’s attitude to learning, their behaviour and attendance in this meeting.

Year 2 and Year 6 parents and carers are offered an additional consultation meeting during January. This is offered within the school day. This meeting is to support children in Y2 and Y6 prepare well for tests at the end of the year. 

In Summer term, parents will receive a written report. Following this, opportunity will be given for families to discuss any issues raised in the report with their child’s classteacher.

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