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Our mission statement is at the centre of our Pupil Premium Strategy. At Ackton Pastures Primary Academy, all members of staff and our governing body accept responsibility for, and are committed to meeting the needs of, any ‘socially disadvantaged’ children who attend our school.  We believe this commitment includes their pastoral, social and special educational needs as well as their academic progress.  Our school is committed to traising the attainment of all pupils, and ensuring that any gap which exists between different groups of children is reduced. The pupil premium money will form a vital part in this process, particularly for our most disadvantaged children.

The governors will allocate pupil premium funding to support any children, or groups of children, who have been appropriately identified as being socially disadvantaged.  

What is Pupil Premium Funding?

Pupil premium money is given to schools to support children who are considered ‘Ever 6’.  This means they have been eligible for free school meals, in local authority care or have parents who are/have been in the armed services in the last 6 years.  Children who have been adopted also have some pupil premium funding allocation.  The amount of money a school receives is determined by the number of children in the school who meet these criteria.  The pupil premium funding must be spent on activities or initiatives that support this group of children, meet their needs and enable them to achieve in line with children who are not in the pupil premium group.

How do we spend our pupil premium funding?

In order to meet the needs of this group of children, who have a wide range of needs and abilities, we utilise our pupil premium funding creatively to ensure all needs are catered for as much as we are able.  Our pupil premium money is used to support pastoral and social needs as well as the academic progress of our pupil premium children.

Reporting Pupil Premium

It is the responsibility of the governors to explain pupil premium expenditure to parents.  Ackton Pastures will include the updated expenditure report annually within this policy which will be revised annually and placed on our website.  This report will provide details of how pupil premium money will be used and the intended impact on the attainment and progress of the pupils who were targeted.

The allocation and the impact on pupil outcomes will be reported to the Resources Committee of the Governing Body annually.  Parents will be able to obtain information about pupil premium from the school website.  This will be updated annually.  The responsibility for the report will be undertaken by a senior member of the leadership team.  The report will be supported by data and information from other members of staff.

The current pupil premium intentions overview is attached below as a separate document. The most recent impact statement is also available below as a separate document.

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