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From 6th January our school office team will be working from home. You can still contact us via the telephone 01977 802322 or email

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development

Our Values Curriulum at Ackton Pastures Academy

Our Values Curriculum (Incorportating Personal, Social and Health Education, SMSC, RSE and British Values) subject leader is Miss Lauren Vollands


Please see document links below to our school's Values Curriculum statement, which outlines the intent behind that curriculum subject, how we intend for this to be implemented into the classroom, and how the impact of this work is measured.

Also below is the curriculum progression document for the subject, which outlines the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that pupils are expected to learn during their time in school. We underpin all of our learning with Rosenshine's Principles - 17 Principles of Effective Instruction. These are:

  1. 1. Begin a lesson with a short review of previous learning.
  2. 2. Present new material in small steps with student practice after each step.
  3. 3. Limit the amount of material students receive at one time.
  4. 4. Give clear and detailed instructions and explanations.
  5. 5. Ask a large number of questions and check for understanding.
  6. 6. Provide a high level of active practice for all students.
  7. 7. Guide students as they begin to practice.
  8. 8. Think aloud and model steps.
  9. 9. Provide models of worked-out problems.
  10. 10. Ask students to explain what they have learned.
  11. 11. Check the responses of all students.
  12. 12. Provide systematic feedback and corrections.
  13. 13. Use more time to provide explanations.
  14. 14. Provide many examples.
  15. 15. Reteach material when necessary.
  16. 16. Prepare students for independent practice.
  17. 17. Monitor students when they begin independent practice.


These principles of instruction support our pupils to know more and remember more of their curriculum, and ensure that learning is secure before they move on to new information or skills. 

Our Values Curriculum incorporates our teaching of PSHE, which is underpinned by the 3D curriculum. This curriculum was selected because it was seen in action in other schools, because it broke down learning and experiences in a meaningful way for our pupils, and covered the broad specturm of the curriculum.

We are always striving to ensure that every pupils continues to develop a strong moral compass, that they understand right and wrong and are aware of the Fundamental British Values, and that they experience a rich curriculum which raises their personal aspirations.


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