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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development


Our intention, at Ackton Pastures, is to raise the profile of PSHE and British Values within our school. We aim to ensure that all children have the opportunity to undertake and reflect on many ‘real life’ experiences whether that be onsite or out of school. We also want to ensure that Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC) aspects of learning are at the heart of all teaching and not just in stand-alone lessons. By the end of primary school, we want all children to understand the importance of PSHE, SMSC and British Values and the effects these can have on life in and out of school, ensuring that our children are more experienced in how to deal with specific situations and make informed decisions in later life.


Children are taught PSHE on a weekly basis in their classes. Themes are further explored and reinforced in whole school assemblies, throughout other areas of the curriculum and applied in Picture News and other curriculum themes. Although SMSC and British Values are not taught as discrete lessons, the relevant skills are taught throughout PSHE, Picture News and the wider curriculum. Pupils select an Academy Council who lead various events throughout the year, linked to raising the profile of these aspects of learning. As part of the two-year rolling program, in RE, all key stages have clear links with British values and SMSC. The ethos of Ackton Pastures strongly emphasises the core values of SMSC and British Values. The children all abide by the school expectations (3Rs) and are aware that actions have consequences.


All children understand the importance of SMSC and British Values and the effects these can have on life in and out of school. To support pupils' understanding, and to ensure they know more and remember more, our academy uses the 3D PSHE curriculum, VBe resources and Picture News to develop social awareness. Opt-in programmes, such as Citizen of the Future, allow pupils to explore the values they are taught and how these can be applied to daily life in Britain and the wider world.


At Ackton Pastures we firmly believe that all children should be given the opportunity and encouragement to learn to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential.

We aim for our school to do this by:-

Being a safe, happy environment for all

• Recognising and developing individual needs
• Helping children to develop a sensitivity to others
• Providing equal opportunities for all
• Promoting high expectations of behaviour and achievement
• Stimulating curiosity and enjoyment of learning
• Providing a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum delivered through good quality lessons
• Maintaining staff development so they are at the leading edge of education
• Recognising and celebrating achievements
• Creating a working partnership between staff, governors, pupils and parents
• Identifying opportunities for children to learn independently
• Promoting standards of attainment in line with or above national expectations in curriculum, attendance and behaviour.

Pupils must also understand and accept responsibility for:-

• Promoting their own learning
• Striving for the best quality in all work they do
• Ensuring their conduct in and around school is exemplary
• Ensuring the learning of others is not obstructed.

At Ackton Pastures we are striving to create a school where everybody works together to achieve the best education facilities and opportunities that our pupils rightly deserve.

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