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There are more advantages than disadvantages to the wearing of a school uniform.  It is because of the positive attitudes and values it instils in our children that the school supports and promotes it as a fundamental and integral ingredient necessary to the complete education of the pupils at Ackton Pastures Primary Academy. 

The wearing of school uniform:

  • Helps to raise standards, attitudes and values in school.
  • Gives children a sense of belonging.
  • Acts as a social leveller ie. No child stands out as being better or worse off than any other child.
  • Means there are no arguments in the mornings about what to wear for school. This makes it much easier for parents. 
  • Is an integral part of the school’s discipline and behaviour strategy and teaches children that it is important to conform. 


Our uniform consist of: 

  • Navy blue trousers, skirt or pinafore dress.
  • White polo shirt, either plain or with the school logo.
  • Navy blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, either plain or with the school logo.
  • White or navy blue socks or tights.
  • Sensible black shoes or plain trainers . N.B. Children wearing trainers will need a change of footwear for outdoor P.E.


PE kit:

  • Navy blue shorts
  • White T- shirt either plain or with the school logo.
  • Tracksuits may be worn for outdoor P.E./games in cold weather.



Jewellery must not be worn in school. Children with pierced ears should wear stud earrings, not loops, which must be removed for P.E. and swimming lessons or covered with plasters which should provided by parents/carers and kept in your child’s P.E. bag.   


All children are expected to be smartly presented. Children should have have long hair tied back and no extreme styles or colours.

 Our school uniform is available from ‘Better and Bright’ in Castleford, or online from 'My Clothing' - please click on the link below.

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