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Ackton Pastures is a one and half form entry primary school serving the catchment of Whitwood and the Cutsyke area of Castleford within the Wakefield ‘Five Towns’ district.  We are a good school and pride ourselves on the good quality teaching and learning that is offered to our children.

We are part of the Inspire Partnership Multi Academy Trust and we work closely with other schools within the Multi Academy Trust. We also provide regular opportunities for our families to join in learning activities with their child to create a good working relationship between families, pupils and school staff. This includes offering parent and child STARS sessions to children ready to start nursery and reception classes to support transition in to a new setting.

The curriculum is planned with a keen eye to covering relevant curriculum skills and content balanced against themes that are motivating and engaging for our pupils. Staff make every effort to enable all children to achieve their full potential. 

A very strong emphasis is placed on teaching the basic skills of reading, writing and maths.  We then aim to provide lots of different opportunities for children to apply this learning across many areas of the curriculum. 

As well as the basic skills the curriculum strongly promotes many other subject areas such as PSHE, Computing, Art, PE, History, Geography and Science.  We also enjoy wider creative pursuits in school by offering regular opportunities to participate in a range of exciting workshops.

We have invested a significant amount of time to ensure that each school day offers children a positive experience, both in the classroom and beyond.  There is an assembly every day where time is taken to prepare children as citizens in modern Britain. In 2018/19 we have further strengthened this with our whole school overview for Values Teaching; The Heart of Our School.

At playtime and lunchtimes children have the opportunity to engage in quality play and social activities.  We offer a range of play equipment so that they can shape their own play experiences and we have a group of specially trained peer supporters to help us in the peaceful problem solving process.

In order to enhance our provision and ensure our staff remain at the forefront of innovative practice we have forged a strong partnership with ASPIRE Teaching School.

Please take some time to use our website and find out much more about our school.  If you want to know more please contact Miss Rowell on 01977 802322 or email

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